26/05/2018 Community Manager

Message for two entertainers

For the entertainers Elena and Nando


Occasionally, we receive letters like this one, which make it even more rewarding to engage in tourist entertainment.
Congratulations Elena and Nando! We’re so proud of you, keep it up!


“Hi! We are just home from our 2nd time at Club Mac.

If it wasn’t for the entertainment team this holiday wouldn’t be the same! I don’t think the complex relalise how good Nando & Elena are for this place. And are the reason families like us have returned.

Message for two entertainers



They’re Great with the kids, always happy & smiling and extremely hard working! Our Kids loved meeting these guys and see them as best friends!
Which is great as it makes us parents enjoy the holiday more seeing the kids having so much fun!



Message for two entertainersThe disney show was fantastic! Clearly the best family entertainment night of our week. My daughter loved that you did songs from her favourite movies and Decendents too!



So we’d just like to say thanks alot and please forward on a huge thank you to Nando & Elena from our family! They really made this holiday amazing fun 😎🌞🤘”




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