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La animación y los cuestionarios de satisfacción

“Repite conmigo: los cuestionarios de satisfacción, son nuestros amigos”

Durante el pasado 2018 llegaron a Balears 16.596.194 visitantes, un 1,56% más que en el año 2017. ¡La cifra más alta de la historia!

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Do you want to become an entertainer?

Yes! I WANT TO BECOME AN ENTERTAINER! (candidates with no experience)



You have no previous experience but you’re full of energy and ready to work? We have the ideal job offer for you!!

Take this chance to work in the Sun by the most beautiful beaches in the world… If you have no previous experience in tourist activities we offer you an open door to work, where you can practice your language, meet people from different countries and develop your creativity. 

Do you want to become an entertainer?


Some of the things you’ll be doing:

  • Organize the daytime activities and games for adults and children.
  • Promote the activities of your program.
  • Participate in the Evening program (mini disco, shows, microphone…)
  • The most important thing for an entertainer are the PUBLIC RELATIONS, the contact with the client is priority. All you needs is good communication skills.


We offer:

Accommodation provided in shared room.

Meals provided at the hotel on working days

Days off: 1.5 days per week

Work Contract:

  • Spanish contract recognized by European legislation, which includes contributions to Social Security
  • Private work accident insurance and public medical assistance
  • 30 days annual leave

Salary: 950€ gross monthly

Opportunities of promotion within the company.

Do you want to become an entertainer?



Languages: English high level and a second language such like: German, French, Spanish or Dutch.

Experience: NO previous experience required but your Skills related to sports, dance, theater, children … will be a plus

Formation: You might be required to assist to our refreshing courses organized for certain hotel chains before the beginning of the season.

Availability: Minimum 3 months of availability (incorporations from March)

Personality: Open and active personality. Eager to work and have fun. With lots of energy, a big smile and good team spirit!!

El talento del mes de septiembre es…

Y despedimos el concurso de “El  Talento del mes” con nuestro talentoso de septiembre.

Durante estos tres meses que ha durado el concurso, hemos podido darnos cuenta que estamos rodeados de grandes talentos entre los animadores turísticos de Fiesta Consulting. ¡Gracias. No dejáis de sorprendernos nunca!

El último ganador ha sido, sin lugar a dudas, una decisión unánime.

En este talento hemos encontrado el espíritu de la animación turística.  No solo por el don que demuestra al hacerlo, sino por el resultado obtenido. Leer más

Canarias Job Offer! Winter 2018-2019


We are recruiting entertainers with at least three year experience as responsible of the entertaiment department who are able to be in charge of a team of 3-4 entertainers.

Did you work before as responsible?  then this job offer is for you!

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