Each player will chose a token.
The players that hire the service from Fiesta Consulting will avoid all the squares that can prevent them from arriving to the goal.

OCA1 The game consists in going through all the squares gaining the global satisfaction of the customer, which it will be seeing reflected in the social media.

OCA2 There are different types of files, programs and management services which adapt to every kind of player to reach the central square as soon as possible. Tokens are always adapted to the establishment philosophy, type of client and season.

oca3The player’s activity and the arrival to the final goal will go directly related to the comments made by customer in social media. The game has a multimedia responsible who measures the pulse of the game for positioning in the next roll of the dice

oca4Players have an interlocutor in any of the squares where they are placed to make the best decisions during the game.

oca5 Depending on the type of card the player has, you will have a multimedia team that will be more effective to reach the goal.

oca6 Each box guarantees full compliance with the legal, labor and fiscal requirements of Spanish regulations with the ISO 9001 quality certificate.

OCA7 In the box of the joker you will be provided with a qualified animator to make substitutions in case of possible loss.

oca8 As a player, you have tools such as uniforms or training and motivation seminars.

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