Junior entertainerJunior Entertainer

Support inexperienced staff with a stay of 3 to 6 months maximum.

Entertainer Team

Team Entertainer

Experience staff to work in teams of animation (children, sports,…)

Tourist Entertainment Categories

Specialized Entertainer

Animator with an specific experience (dancers, singers, public relations, wellness monitors, dj …)

Tourist Entertainment Categories

Responsible of Animation

Entertainer with enough experience to work alone , or be responsible for a team of up to 3 entertainers.

Responsible of Multimedia Responsible of Multimedia

Specialized in creating, recording and editing, “ story teller” and dynamization of social networks entertainer.

Tourist Entertainment Categories

Head of Entertainment

A head of entertainment is considered necessary from the fourth entertainer and up to 10 entertainers.

Entertainment Coordinator

Entertainment Coordinator

Responsible for a team of 11 entertainers or more , or to coordinate several hotels in the same chain company.


Fiesta Consulting has a job description for each of the categories, where tasks, interaction responsibilities with the establishment are specified, etc.

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